VNHS | Selection Process
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Selection Process

VNHS pulls applicants from the BC Housing Applicant Registry. When a VNHS housing unit becomes available, we will select eligible applicants from the BC Housing Registry based in the unit size, family composition and profiles, income, and waitlist priority.

To learn more about our housing registry codes, please visit Our Buildings

These are the steps in the application process:

1. Complete Your Application Form

Please be sure to complete ALL sections of the Housing-Registry-Application-Form. If you need assistance in completing your application, please contact our receptionist at 604-320-3312 ext. 21, or BC Housing Applicant services at 604-433-2218.

2. Submit Your Application

Applications can be submitted by fax, online, mail, or in-person to BC Housing. For more information on how to do this, please access

Alternatively, you can come into our Head Office (1726 E. Hastings St) to fill out a form, and we will send it to BC Housing on your behalf.

3. Waitlist Placement

When BC Housing receives your completed application form, your name will be placed into the BC Housing Applicant Registry, according to date of application.

5. Keep Your Information Up to Date

Be sure to update your application with BC Housing every six-months, or whenever your information changes (whichever comes first). This is an important step in ensuring your application remains active, and we know you are still looking for safe, secure and affordable housing.

6. Applicant Selection

When a vacancy occurs, we search the BC Housing Applicant Registry and contact applicants according to the size of unit they require and the date of their application. We try to prioritize those who have been on the waitlist the longest.

7. Interview

The Property Manager who is responsible for the building in which the vacancy has occurred will interview all members of the applicant’s household. We will contact you by phone if you are offered an interview.

Please direct all phone calls and questions regarding your application to BC Housing Applicant Services at 604-433-2218, or toll free at 1-800-257-7756.

You may also contact our receptionist, either in person or by telephone at 604-320-3312, Extension 21.