Preventative Maintenance

The Maintenance Department is in charge of the maintenance and repairs for the VNHS portfolio. The department manages a total of 17 buildings and over 700 units. VNHS also has Security coverage 7 nights a week and also provides a 24-hour maintenance emergency number.

Part of the department’s mandate is to conduct annual suite and building inspections in order to ensure that suites and buildings are kept up to an acceptable standard.

The following list is to be used as a guide for cleaning and maintaining your suite in accordance with Division 4 Section 32 (2) of the Residential Tenancy Act. There may be items on this list that do not apply to your suite.

VNHS does not consider dirt in any form to be within the scope of the definition of “ordinary wear and tear.”
TILES: Should be cleaned throughout the unit along with the cove base on a regular basis.
CARPETS & FLOORS: Carpets should be shampooed or steam-cleaned on an annual basis and floors mopped weekly or when necessary.
CUPBOARDS, CABINETS AND WALLS: Cupboard doors and drawer handles should be cleaned regularly.
BATHROOM: Tub, shower stalls, tiles and grout, soap dish, spouts and drains should be cleaned on a regular basis. Use a solution of one part bleach to four parts water to remove any mold.
WINDOWS: Clean windows inside and out (if reachable) including sills, tracks and frames on a regular basis.
LIGHT FIXTURES: Clean all light fixtures, globes and replace any missing light bulbs on a regular basis.
CURTAINS AND BLINDS: Curtains should be washed and re-hung damp. Blinds should be dusted and wiped with a clean damp cloth on a regular basis.
VENTS: Kitchen and bathroom vents should be cleaned along with all heating units (wall mounted heaters) on a regular basis.
BALCONY: Remove all items, wash floors, railings and patio doors on a regular basis.
STOVE: Clean stove and all its fixtures, including range hood and stove fan on a regular basis. Stove’s exterior walls should be cleaned on a regular basis.
FRIDGE: Clean all refrigerator compartments including coils at the rear of the fridge, top and underneath on a regular basis. Defrost and remove all water on a regular basis.

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