Annual Income Review

If a current VNHS tenant, you are required at least once each year to provide proof of income and/or assets in order to determine your continued eligibility for subsidy assistance as well as to calculate your Tenant Rent Contribution.

All members of your household 19 years and older who have income must provide the amount and proof of income. (Full time students, 19 years or older, are exempt.)

Verification of Income forms must be completed along with copies of the following:

  • A copy of recent pay stubs and/or proof of income and employment letter, if applicable.
Pension cheque stub(s), Bank Statement, letter from pension office if applicable.
A copy of the bank statement and or deposit book (if directly deposited only) 
E.I. stub(s), and or proof of benefits letter, if applicable.
The latest copy of a Canada Revenue Agency assessment confirmation (This is the confirmation of a tax return filed and income declared that is received from the Government of Canada after filing a tax return.)

The following Verification of Income forms are available for download:

Income Assistance
E.I Benefits
Band Sponsored Students
Student Verification
Verification of Income
Tenant Profile

These forms require Acrobat Reader, click HERE for a free download.