Selection Process

VNHS maintains an Applicant Database from which to select tenants when a vacancy occurs. All applicants must update their applications at least once every six months in order to keep their information active.
You may obtain an application form by coming to the head office at 1726 East Hastings Street in Vancouver during operating hours.

These are the steps in the application process:

11. Complete Your Application Form
Please be sure to complete ALL sections of the application form. Incomplete application forms may not be activated.

22. Submit Your Application
By fax, e-mail, mail or personally bring your application to 1726 East Hastings Street V5L 1S9. Fax Number 604-320-3317.

33. Waitlist Placement
When we receive your completed application form, your name will be placed into the VNHS Applicant Database, according to date of application.

44. Confirmation of Application Submission
Applicants are notified by letter that their application has been received
*PLEASE NOTE: If an application is rejected applicants are also notified by letter.

55. Update Your Information
ALL updates must be submitted IN WRITING by fax, email, mail or personally. An APPLICANT UPDATE FORM must be completed once every six months. Applications that have not been updated for more than six months will be deleted from the Applicant Database. You must also update your information immediately if your address or contact information changes, or if there is an increase or decrease in household size, change of family composition, or increase or decrease of household income.

66. Applicant Selection
When a vacancy occurs, we search the Applicant Database and contact applicants according to the size of unit they require and the date of their application.

Several steps are completed when an applicant is considered for a vacancy. The first step is a tenancy reference check with the applicant’s current and previous landlords (whichever is applicable). A reference check is completed to determine the applicant’s history as a tenant. For example, we want to ensure that the applicant paid their rent on time, if they gave the required written notice to vacate their suite and also to determine if there were any adverse tenancy issues while they resided there. Once a favourable reference check is completed the applicant is contacted for an interview.

An appointment will be scheduled with a property manager to interview and select eligible applicants.

77. Interview
The Property Manager who is responsible for the building in which the vacancy has occurred will interview all members of the applicant’s household. Interviews are usually conducted at the VNHS head office, unless the vacant unit is in one of the singles’ or supportive housing buildings.

Please direct all phone calls, questions and updates to your application to our receptionist, either in person or by telephone at 604-320-3312, Extension 21. Our receptionist can also explain our waitlist process, application and update submissions.