Eligibility & FAQs

In order to be eligible for subsidized housing with VNHS, the applicant(s):

  • Must have a Total Household Income at or below the Housing Income Limits (HIL) set by BC Housing

  • Must be 19 years or older

  • Some of our housing is specifically designated for peoples of Aboriginal ancestry (applicable to applicant, spouse and/or dependents)

2017 Housing Income Limits (HIL)

Housing Income Limits represent the income required to pay the average market rent for an appropriately sized unit in the private market. Average rents are derived from CMHC’s annual Rental Market Survey, done in the fall and released in the spring. The size of unit required by a household is governed by federal/provincial occupancy standards.

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Q. Do I need to be Aboriginal to apply to VNHS?

A. No. You do not need to be Aboriginal but, priority may be given to applicants with Aboriginal ancestry depending on the program type.

Q. Currently my need for housing is extremely high; does VNHS offer emergency housing?

A. No. VNHS does not provide emergency housing.

Q. Can I call VNHS to inquire about the status of my application?

A. Yes. Applicants will be informed of their status on our Applicant Database as being Active or Inactive. We are unable to estimate how long applicants will have to wait to be offered a housing unit. Note: applicants must update their application every 6 months to remain active on the waiting list.

Q. Can I complete an application update over the phone?

A. No. All updates MUST be completed in writing and submitted into VNHS by fax, email, mail or in person.

Q. Will I be contacted before my application is removed from the waitlist?

A. No. Any applicant who has not provided an Applicant Update Form for twelve months will be automatically removed from our Active applicant database. If you have been removed from the applicant database, you will have to re-apply and the date of re-application will be your new application date.

Q. Do you prioritize applications?

A. Yes. We prioritize based on application date and / or need for housing.

Q. Can I apply even if I was a previous tenant?

A. Yes, but all applicants must follow the same application process.

Q. Can I apply even if I live outside of Vancouver?

A. Yes, but priority may be given to those applicants residing in the Metro Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley Regional District.

Q. Can I provide reference letters or letter of support for my application?

A. Yes, applicants may provide letters of support or reference at any time, but must submit this information by fax, mail, email or in person.

Q. What type of housing units do you provide?

A. We provide housing for seniors, families, youth, women only, singles and people living with disabilities.